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Schematic: arduino-duemilanove-schematic. The power source is selected automatically. The adapter can be connected by plugging a 2. The board can operate on an external supply of 6 to 20 volts. If supplied with less than 7V, however, the 5V pin may supply less than five volts and the board may be unstable. If using more than 12V, the voltage regulator may overheat and damage the board. The recommended range is 7 to 12 volts.

Steve Rogers: Is that live? Alexander Pierce: Yeah, they picked him up last night in a not-so-safe house in Algiers.

Steve Rogers: Are you saying he's a suspect? Assassination isn't Batroc's line. Alexander Pierce: No, it's more complicated than that.

Batroc was hired anonymously to attack the Lemurian Star and he was contacted by e-mail and paid by wire transfer. And then the money was run through seventeen fictitious accounts, the last one going to a holding company that was registered to a Jacob Veech. Steve Rogers: Am I supposed to know who that is?

Veech died six years ago. His last address was Elmhurst Drive. When I first met Nick his mother lived at Steve Rogers: Are you saying Fury hired the pirates?

Alexander Pierce: The prevailing theory was that the hijacking was a cover for the acquisition and sale of classified intelligence. The sale went sour and that led to Nick's death. Steve Rogers: If you really knew Nick Fury you'd know that's not true. Alexander Pierce: Why do you think we're talking?

See, I took a seat on the Council not because I wanted to but because Nick asked me to, because we were both realists. We knew that despite all the diplomacy and the handshaking and the rhetoric, that to build a really better world sometimes means having to tear the old one down.

And that makes enemies. Those people that call you dirty because you got the guts to stick your hands in the mud and try to build something better.

And the idea that those people could be happy today, makes me really, really angry. I don't think that's an accident, and I don't think you do either. So I'm gonna ask again, why was he there? Steve Rogers: He told me not to trust anyone. Alexander Pierce: I wonder if that included him. Those were his last words. Excuse me. Anyone gets in my way, they're gonna regret it. Steve Rogers: Understood. Brock Rumlow: Forensics. Brock Rumlow: Cap. Steve Rogers: Rumlow. You want me to get the tac-team ready?

Steve Rogers: No, lets wait and see what it is first. Brock Rumlow: Right.


Brock Rumlow: [to Steve] I'm sorry about what happened with Fury. Messed up, what happened to him. Steve Rogers: Thank you. I just want you to know, Cap, this ain't personal. Put your hands in the air! Get that door open! You have nowhere to go! Lock down the bridge! Stand down.

This is Level One. Contact DOT. All traffic lights in the district go red. All security cameras in the city go through this monitor, right here. Scan all open sources.

Phones, computers, PDAs, whatever. If someone tweets about this guy, I want to know about it. Alexander Pierce: Because he lied to us. Natasha Romanoff: Safe. Natasha Romanoff: Where did you get it? Steve Rogers: Why would I tell you? Natasha Romanoff: Fury gave it to you. Steve Rogers: What's on it? Natasha Romanoff: I don't know. Steve Rogers: Stop lying! Natasha Romanoff: I only act like I know everything, Rogers.

Steve Rogers: I bet you knew Fury hired the pirates, didn't you? Natasha Romanoff: Well, it makes sense. The ship was dirty, Fury needed a way in, so do you. Steve Rogers: I'm not gonna ask you again. Natasha Romanoff: I know who killed Fury. Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists, the ones who do call him the Winter Soldier.

He's credited with over two dozen assassinations in the last fifty years. Steve Rogers: So he's a ghost story. Natasha Romanoff: Five years ago I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran, somebody shot out my tires near Odessa. We lost control, went straight over a cliff, I pulled us out, but the Winter Soldier was there. I was covering my engineer, so he shot him straight through me.

Bye-bye bikinis. Steve Rogers: Yeah, I bet you look terrible in them now. I know, I've tried. To any reasonable person, that would make him a martyr, not a traitor. Councilman Rockwell: You know what makes him a traitor? Hiring a mercenary to hijack his own ship. Councilman Singh: Nick Fury used your friendship to coerce this council into delaying Project Insight.

A project he knew would expose his own illegal operations. At best, he lied to you. At worst Alexander Pierce: Are you calling for my resignation? I've got a pen and paper right here. Councilwoman Hawley: That discussion can be tabled for a later time. Alexander Pierce: But you do want to have a discussion. Councilman Rockwell: We've already had it, Mr. This council moves to immediately reactivate Project Insight. If you want to say something snappy, now would be a good time. Steve Rogers: If I run in these shoes, they're gonna fall off.

Steve Rogers: How much time do we have? Natasha Romanoff: Uh This drive is protected by some sort of AI, it keeps rewriting itself to counter my commands. Steve Rogers: Can you override it?

Natasha Romanoff: The person who developed this is slightly smarter than me. This is a program that SHIELD developed to track hostile malware, so if we can't read the file, maybe we can find out where it came from. Apple Employee: Can I help you guys with anything? Natasha Romanoff: Oh, no. Steve Rogers: Right! We're getting married. Apple Employee: Congratulations. Where do you guys thinking about going? Apple Employee: Oh. Natasha Romanoff: Wow, you two are practically twins.

Apple Employee: Yeah, I wish. Natasha Romanoff: Shh, relax. Got it. Steve Rogers: I used to. Let's go. Two behind, to across, two coming straight at us.

If they make us, I'll engage, you hit the south escalator to the metro. Steve Rogers: What?

Omar Raddad Affair

Natasha Romanoff: Do it! Brock Rumlow: Give me a floor rundown. Brock Rumlow: Snake the upper levels, work down to me. Natasha Romanoff: Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable. Steve Rogers: Yes, they do. Steve Rogers: It's not exactly the word I would use. Steve Rogers: Nazi Germany. Natasha Romanoff: Mm. Steve Rogers: And we're borrowing. Take your feet off the dash. I feel like if you don't answer it though, you're kind of answering it, you know? Natasha Romanoff: Was that your first kiss since ?

Steve Rogers: That bad, huh?

Omar Raddad Affair

Natasha Romanoff: I didn't say that. Steve Rogers: Well, it kind of sounds like that's what you're saying. Natasha Romanoff: No, I didn't. I just wondered how much practice you've had. Steve Rogers: You don't need practice. Natasha Romanoff: Everybody needs practice. Steve Rogers: It was not my first kiss since I'm ninety-five, I'm not dead. This will be the last time that her voice was heard by those close to her [ citation needed ]. Surprised that she hadn't arrived, her friends called her in vain several times from Around 6, Colette K.

She rang the doorbell but nobody answered, nor did they to another phone call she made that evening.


On Monday 24 June, Erika S. She rang, rang again, called, all in vain. Alerted by Mrs Erika S.

The house, dark and silent, shows no trace of a break in, the blinds had only been drawn in the bedroom; on the unmade bed were glasses, a diary; the breakfast tray is in the kitchen.

The keys are in the door, which remains unlocked, the alarm is not activated.

It seemed as though Ghislaine Marchal had just woken up, but she wasn't there. They are quickly joined by Ghislaine Marchal's doctor.

They find jewelry, an open hand bag, which doesn't contain any cash, but no trace of the owner. Finally, on the 24 June in the evening, the police are alerted and arrive at the house. After searching the house, they become interested in an annexe to the main house. A flight of stairs descends to the cellar, which had not been visited as of yet, and of which the metal door is locked.

Omar Raddad Affair - Wikipedia

After unlocking it, the door would still not open any more than 2 cm. One officer pushed with all his might as another feeds his arm through the gap and identifies a folding bed placed against the door on the inside.

He manages to violently push it backwards: The door was warped and twisted by the officer's pushing, enabling him to get a leg through the gap and ''kicking the tube several times''. The final kicks shifts the tube, enabling him to open the door. At the back of the cellar, Ghislaine Marchal is lying face down, her legs pointing to the bag wall, her arms stretched out in front of her on the ground, dressed in only a blood stained bath robe pulled up to above her waist.

The doctor's first observations on the evening of the 24th, and the autopsy of the 28th June [ citation needed ] revealed severe injuries: Injuries and fractures of the hands, a phalange almost ripped off, suggest that she looked to protect herself by bringing her hands to her face, several scrapes on her arms and legs, in particular on the soles of her feed and the back of her knees, as well as traces of dust and cement on her robe suggest that the victim had been dragged on the ground.

Forensic experts note that it had not been possible to determine the order in which the blows were delivered. None of them were immediately fatal, but were after approximately 15 to 30 minutes of agony. If using more than 12V, the voltage regulator may overheat and damage the board.

The recommended range is 7 to 12 volts. The power pins are as follows: VIN. The input voltage to the Arduino board when it's using an external power source as opposed to 5 volts from the USB connection or other regulated power source.

You can supply voltage through this pin, or, if supplying voltage via the power jack, access it through this pin.

The regulated power supply used to power the microcontroller and other components on the board. Maximum current draw is 50 mA. Ground pins. Input and Output Each of the 14 digital pins on the Duemilanove can be used as an input or output, using pinMode , digitalWrite , and digitalRead functions.

They operate at 5 volts. Each pin can provide or receive a maximum of 40 mA and has an internal pull-up resistor disconnected by default of kOhms.

External Interrupts: 2 and 3. These pins can be configured to trigger an interrupt on a low value, a rising or falling edge, or a change in value. See the attachInterrupt function for details. PWM: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and Provide 8-bit PWM output with the analogWrite function. LED: There is a built-in LED connected to digital pin

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