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    E. No persons shall be appointed as police officer or member of the PNP unless . E. help or encourage a bad act B. talk in favor of D. free of guilt or blame . otherwise, cross-examination confuse him and reduce the value of what he. napolcom reviewer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. napolcom reviewer. Criminology Board Exam Reviewer. Uploaded by. PNP Promotional Exams Reviewer - Topnotchers for police officer exam used the book - for Police Officer, Senior Police Officer, Insp. and Supt.

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    Free Reviewer Napolcom Examination Pdf

    NAPOLCOM Reviewer Updated and Complete Very reliable Napolcom/ pnp Promotional and Entrance Exam Reviewer. College & University. Review anytime anywhere with this Pocket Reviewer. Study different subjects covered by exams, this app will help you pass NAPOLCOM - PNP Entrance Exams. Compilation of reviewers available online for NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam Napolcom Exam Reviewer by hannalee13 on Scribd.

    Manila, philippines the september The Philippine Mining Act of ; reviewer napolcom examination pdf.. News related to: pnp entrance exam reviewer pdf. Have a free download and extract the files using winrar or winzip. Section 1. Title of the Act. Napolcom review test.

    However, it is not very easy to enter public service. Unlike in the private companies where you can be accepted even if you're not a board passer, the public schools and offices require that you pass an eligibility exam before they can absorb you. And this is where the problem lies. Yearly, thousand examinees are flunking the Civil Service Examination, the Police Entrance Examination, and other exams. The truth is, even the fresh graduates are finding it hard to pass the exam.

    Today many young men and woman are aspiring to enter the police service. This is very timely because the government is at war with the lawless and undesirable elements in our society. Now more than ever, the country needs brave and courageous men and women who can be part in the total cleanup and purging of the undesirables in our society. We believe that through this reviewer, the number of passers will increase.

    We put so much effort in the making of this reviewer because we want to make sure that those who will use it will not only be able to answer the questions and exercises but will understand them. Understanding is the key to solve the questions and exercises in this reviewer.

    Development Academy of the Philippines B. Philippine Public Safety College E. National Defense College of the Philippines C. Philippine National Police Academy Through lateral entry, a licensed criminologist may be appointed to the rank of: A. It is considered as the fifth pillar of the Philippine criminal justice system. Prosecution D.

    It is a stage when the accused is brought before the court to answer an indictment: A. Booking C. Courts B.

    Corrections C. Law Enforcement E. Mobilized Community Which among the five pillars of the Philippine Criminal Justice System decides whether or not an accused is guilty of the crime committed? What body in the Catholic Church elects the Pope? Roman Curia C. Papal Conclave E. College of Cardinals B. Vatican Council D. Petrine Consistory What recent economic measure is being implemented by the executive branch of the national government to conserve energy?

    Merging of similar offices Before the war in Iraq started, what reason was officially given to justify US-led invasion of that country? To take over the oil fields in Iraq.

    To look weapons of mass destruction. To oust the evil regime of Saddam Hussein. To avenge the invasion of Kuwait earlier made by Iraq. To let the Shiite Muslims take over the government from the Sunni Muslims. The law penalizes those who aid and abet a criminal. The government granted amnesty to mutinous soldiers for humanitarian reasons. Prisoners often connive to design a careful escape attempt A.

    Our society put those culpable of serious crime in jail. When interrogated by the police, the suspect invoked his right to remain silent. A suspect turned state witness is usually given protection from enemy reprisal.

    Sporadic gunfire is heard from a distance of meters away. A police officer is not expected to be indecorous. Some puny details of the patrol operations plan are not included. A few petty matters are being discussed by the patrol team.

    A police officer must have a genteel character. A group of farmers instigated a demonstration against their landlord. Incited E. To live an austere life. A flexible regulation A. An impartial supervisor A. A semblance of propriety A. He further stated that he immediately reported the incident to the management which subsequently called the Naga Police Station. Victim stated that he had taken on board his car an unknown female prostitute t the Garden Drive Inn where they agreed to spend the night.

    On April 19m , at about p. He also stated that upon returning from the shower at about p. Which sentence should be the first? Which sentence should be the second?

    Which sentence should be the third? Which sentence should be the fourth? Which sentence should be the fifth? While escaping with their loot, the robbers fired at the responding policemen, hitting PO1 Adolfo Silverio on the face. On April 2, , at about p. Suspects, who boarded a black Honda Civic with licensed plate number TRX, eluded arrest and are now the objects of police manhunt.

    During the shoot out, Ramly Legaspi, a security guard at the nearby Petron Gas Station, was also fired at and was hit on the thigh by the fleeing robbers. He died on the spot. Fortunately, the mayor escaped unhurt. On March 29, , at about p. Responding officers from the nearby police station immediately gave chase to the fleeing suspect who eluded arrest up to this date. However, PO1 Cesar Padilla, who was on his way to meet the mayor, was hit by shrapnel causing injury on both legs.

    Instinctively, PO1 Padilla drew his firearm and fired at the perpetrator who fled under cover of darkness.

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    In items , determine the most logical sequence of the sentences to form a good paragraph: Such action will also protect evidence which might be important later.

    This will help to avoid additional accidents at the scene and will flow faster movement of emergency vehicles. If necessary, the officer asks bystanders to help warm approaching cars and keep traffic moving. As a rule, police officer arriving at the scene of an automobile accident should first take care for the victims who need immediate medical treatment. People should be kept out of the traffic lanes and at a safe distance from the damaged cars.

    Classroom instruction is not at all that required in police training. Suitable, adequate, and authoritative books, references and other materials are needed. Peace and order requires police forces to be fully equipped and well-trained scientifically in the modern methods of combating crimes in all forms.

    Economic progress is our urgent immediate objective but without peace and order, this may be as unrealistic goal.

    While we have numerous books on criminal investigation, these are all of foreign origin and authorized by persons not familiar with local condition and therefore, not entirely suited for local application. A police officer may have to appear in court as witness. The content of his statements is very important. The way he gives his testimony may create a favorable or unfavorable impression in the court.

    He should be able to talk about the kind of evidence he has and where the evidence come from; otherwise, cross-examination may confuse him and reduce the value of what he has to say.

    If he reviews his facts before testifying, he will be better prepared to carry out his assignment which is to provide accurate information in such a way, that its meaning will be understood by the court. Choose the lettered pair that most accurately reflects the analogy of the pair of words in capital letters.

    China D. History E. Criminology is the study of criminal people. A criminal does a wrong act. The robber breaks in and enters a building with specific intent to commit a crime within that building.

    He spills blood, breaks a glass, falsifies papers, fires off firearms, gets stains on his clothing, or leaves a mark of his feet or fingers at the place of his crime.

    These criminal acts are called physical evidence. In investigating a robbery case, the first thing the investigator must look into is the: A. A method of identifying the criminal is through the: A.

    Maximum opportunity is provided for observation within the range of the senses, and for close contact with people and things that enable the police officer to provide a maximum service as an information and source and counselor to the public and as an eye and ears of the police department.

    A foot patrol officer loses no time a alighting from a vehicle while afoot. Foot patrol, however does not have the many advantages of a patrol car. The area that he can cover efficiently is limited, and therefore, this method of patrol is costly. According to the above paragraph, the foot patrol officer serves as the eyes and ears of the department because he: A. The paragraph implies that foot patrol in costly because: A. Commercialized forms of communications are used in transmitting reports to the station.

    Which of the following enables a foot patrol officer to become an information sources and counselor to the public?

    Traffic direction. Close contact with people. Conducting civic action activities. Coordinating the activities of the public and the police. Serving as mediator in arbitrary proceedings in the barangays. They were misled by the fact that they had measurements for all kinds of criminals but, until World War I gave them a draft army sample, they had no information on a comparable group of non-criminal adults.

    As soon as acceptable measurements could be taken of criminals and a comparable group of non-criminals, concern with feeblemindedness or with low intelligence as a type of criminal took on less significance in criminology research.

    According to the above paragraph, some early psychologists were in error because they did not: A. The above paragraph implies that studies of intelligence of criminal and non-criminals: A.

    It is difficult to instill in young people inner controls on aggressive behavior in a world marked by aggression. The time to act against delinquency is before it is committed. The first sign of vandalism and disregard of the comfort, health and property of the community should be considered as storm warnings which cannot be ignored.

    A suitable title for this selection is: A. Juvenile Delinquency as a Cause of Slums C. According to this paragraph, acts of juvenile delinquency are most likely to lead to a criminal case when they: A. If we are study crime in its wildest social setting, we will find a variety of conduct which, although criminal in the legal sense, it not offensive moral conscience of a considerable number of persons.

    Traffic violations, for example, do not brand the offender as guilty of moral offense. In fact, the recipient of a traffic ticket is usually simply the subject of some good natured joking by his friends. Although, there may be indignation among certain groups of citizens against gambling and liquor law violations, these activities are often tolerated, if not openly supported, by the more numerous residents of the community.

    Indeed, certain social and service clubs regularly conduct gambling games and lotteries for the purpose of raising funds. Some communities regard violations involving the sale of liquor with little concern in order to profit increased license fees and taxes paid by dealers. The thousand and one forms of political graft and corruption which infest our urban centers only occasionally arouse public condemnation and official action.

    According to the paragraph, all types of illegal conducts are: A. According to the above paragraph, traffic violations are generally considered by society as: A. According to the above paragraph, a lottery conducted for the purpose of raising funds for a church: A. On the basis of the above paragraph, the most likely reaction from the community in a police raid on a gambling casino would be: A.

    Which of the following would be the most suitable title that best describes the central thought of the above paragraph? This is much we pledge — and more. To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of the faithful friends.

    United, there is little we can not do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is a little we can do — for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder. The author is saying that: A. None of these B. It is important for all members of the police force to work together. If all the men in the police force work together, we can fight crime more effectively.

    Some men who join the police force have always worked by themselves. They must learn to follow orders and do exactly what they are told to do. They must also understand what they are doing, so that by themselves, they will be able to do their job well. The paragraph says that some men who join the police force: A. The paragraph says it is important for men to understand what they are doing because: A. What is the paragraph about? The kind of jobs men can do.

    Learning how to do a good job. Attitude on how to work together. Learning to work well when you have to work alone. Explains why members of the police force must work together. Although there was some delay in notifying the fire station, they had succeeded in bringing the fire under control until a series of dust explosions occurred. The fire spread and destroyed the main building. The fire departments were considerably handicapped because it was undermanned and the water pressure in the vicinity was inadequate.

    In the above paragraph, it is most accurate to state that the cause of the fire was the: A. The most important cause of the fire spreading to the main building was the: A. The fire station was handicapped in extinguishing the fire because of: A. In trying to achieve goals, we sometimes fall back frustrated, vowed to be content with what is but, when determination rules over frustration, we are what we used to be once more ambitious — determined.

    We constantly work through — not in mediocrity but in the excellence.

    NAPOLCOM PNP Exam Reviewer

    Once we touch the point of excellence, there is perfection — joy, beauty, power and freedom. And finally, there is a meaningful reasons to life. Not just bread, clothes, or sleeps. The above paragraph suggests that: A. The we in the above paragraph refers to: A. Grammar Direction: Determine which of the underlined words or phrases are grammatically incorrect in the following sentences.

    He filed his complain against an abusive police officer. It will be the responsibility for the arresting officer to thoroughly search prisoners in their custody prior to A B C transporting. No error. D E One of the suspects in the Lipa City massacre case refused to plead guilty on the advice of his council.

    E Bayanihan, these value connotes helping one another in times of need. Each one of the political recruits deserve the same kind of treatment while in the training school. The young police rookie was duly recognized for its bravery and heroism. Us policemen, we must learn to realize that police work is a thankless job. The two suspects said they believe in God, read the New Testament regularly and fear the Almighty.

    During the operation, the police recovered ten 10 Epson computers valued at five hundred thousand A B C D pesos. Before the police chief issues a directive, he must make an appraisal of the situation. The criminal investigation function of the police is geared towards the prevention of crime, the A B apprehension of criminals and the recovering of stolen property. C D E Directions: In each of the following sentences all or some parts of the sentence are underlined.

    Below each sentence you will find five options of phrasing the underlined parts. Choose the option that best expresses the meaning. Having stole the money, the public searched the thief. Having stole the money, the police searched the thief.

    Having stolen the money, the police searched the thief. Having stolen the money, the thief was searched by the police.

    Having stole the money, the thief was searched by the police. Having stolen the money, the search on the thief was made by the police. The reason I arrived late at the crime scene is because the police car broke down.

    I arrived late at the crime scene D. I arrived late at the crime scene is that E. The general showed how battles are often lost in a series of lectures. The general showed how battles in a series of lectures are often lost.

    In a series of lectures, the general showed how battles are often lost. In a series of lectures, battles are often lost as showed by the general. The general showed how battles are, in a series of lectures, often lost. When Pedro was released from prison, he saw the City of Manila with its people, garbage, horrendous traffic, and incredibly confusing.

    Two murder suspects were arrested last week, one of them was blind. Two murder suspects were arrested last week one of them was blind. Two murder suspects were arrested last week; one of them was blind.

    Two murder suspects were arrested last week and one of them was blind. Two murder suspects were arrested last week while one of them was blind. PO2 Ramon Trias walks everyday from his house to the police station. What is the distance from his house to the police station? The flagpole in front of the Timog Police Station casts a shadow of meters when a 6 meter post cast a shadow of 4 meters.

    How high is the flagpole? A police car travels miles at a speed of 40 miles per hour and makes a return trip at a speed of 60 miles per hour. What is its average speed, in miles per hour, of the police car? If a patrol car travels at 60 kph, what is the distance it travels in 30 minutes? The beat of PO1 Isagani Ingay is rectangular in shape. It is 25 meters more than its width.

    Abstract reasoning test

    If the perimeter of the beat is meters, how wide is the beat? PO1 Gani Tolledo was sent for a mission in province A. He made the return trip over the same distance in 4 hours. What was his average speed for the entire trip?

    Patrol car A leads car B by 50 km, with velocities of 10 kph and 29 kph respectively. If they go towards the same direction, in after how many hours will Patrol car B overtake Patrol car A? A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline for every 8 kilometers of travel. How far can it go with 38 liters leaving about 7.

    A floor space measuring square inches is to be covered with tiles each measuring 4 inches by 5 inches. How many tiles would you need to completely cover the floor area? Length of AC A. The angles of a triangle are in a ratio of Two rectangles have the same area. How many sides does a regular polygon have if each interior angle in degrees?

    What is the measure of each angle of a regular octagon? The percent of increase in the surface area of the cube is: A.

    Abstract reasoning test |

    An escalator on n uniform steps visible at all times descends at constant speed. Two boys, A and Z, walk down the escalator steadily as it moves. A negotiating twice as many escalator steps per minute as Z. A reaches the bottom after taking 27 steps while Z reaches the bottom after taking 18 steps.

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